The Heartless Writer

stockvault-cut-tree-stump161069It’s always encouraging on a Monday morning when your computer refuses to acknowledge that there is or ever will be anything called an “Internet.”

Big, baleful eyes with the innocence of a swaddled, newborn lamb look up at me and blink ignorantly. “But I don’t understand,” the poor PC snuffles, “Connect you to what?”

And while the pure-hearted, dreadfully misunderstood laptop offers you a tearful hug instead of a http://www.whatever-the-crap, you (the writer with a honking huge novel to shove over the finish line) cannot be appeased.

So, as dawn of your work-week rumbles to life, you are cast as a Trump-like bully with the compassion of a tree stump.

Oh, yeah. I’m feeling good about today.

Until tomorrow…

Chloe the Heartless


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