Tread Wisely


Writers must be careful when approaching their unedited manuscript.

They must be smart. They must be considerate of trivialities, open to differing views, confident in purpose but soft as to means.

In short, they must be everything the Europeans were not when “conquering” the Americas.

While the wild, unedited, jungle version of your novel might at first glance beg for civilizing, tread softly. There is much to be learned from worlds unhampered by our silly norms.

Until tomorrow…


Post Note / Explanation: Armed with machete, musket and grim determination, I was fully prepared to invade Chapter Four of The Hushing Days when I began to notice some truly beautiful things had grown from the under-structured mess. Sure, there was a lot of crap to hack through (crap is crap no matter the civilization), but there were also untapped themes to be learned, surprising character traits to meet and greet, and fresh loves to be found… Hence, this post and its wee-bit of quirkiness.

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