Check Your Speed


Chapter Four is halfway done.

This is great and all.


I mean, I’m actually happy with the final product so far. There’s been no cringing at character motivation, no rolling my eyes at juvenile sentence structure, no head-pounding, no teeth-gnashing, no moaning, groaning or cursing.

The progress has all been rather boring, in fact. Which, don’t get me wrong, I love. Cranking out a final draft should not be like giving birth. The experience should be more like sending your kid off to college. Sentimentally biting from time to time but not physical torture requiring scalpels and a mop.

Yep. So, hoorah for me.


At the current pace I’m setting, I will finish The Hushing Days sometime around my 92nd birthday. By that point, I believe, problems of structural continuity will have taken on a whole new meaning.


So, please, wish me a bit of speed before I’m too old for this crap.

Until tomorrow…


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