Fact Mining

Child drawing with sidewalk chalk.I’m not one to complain.

*dog falls off the couch laughing*

Despite the antics of my four-legged, furry muse, I really don’t enjoy complaining. Pointing out the cosmic inequities of this world and how it relates directly to me is another matter. This, I believe, is called Fact Mining.

Fact Mining I enjoy.

It’s pro-active (in a sort of a “hands up, don’t shoot me” kind of a way).

It’s generally humorous (my life would be nothing without sarcasm).

And, most importantly, it forces me to find those elusive silver linings (even if I have to draw one in with a silver crayon).

So, here’s what I mined up from yesterday’s general crappiness…

1.) I had a flat tire. So, I couldn’t go to the gym. So, I had to call AAA. So, I had to deal with the very nice mechanic in my state of very embarrassing fluttery-ness. Hello, panic disorder…. (Silver lining: I had the flat tire while I was at home and didn’t have to force my fluttery-ness on anybody but the poor mechanic.)

2.) The headache I’d been babying along in the morning grew fangs and an attitude in the afternoon… (Silver lining: The migraine-wannabe stayed under the level of puking. I appreciate that.)

3.) The power went out for nearly an hour in the middle of a day with a heat index of 106 degrees… (Silver lining: It came back on before ice baths were required.)

4.) One of my favorite baseball players was traded away from my team… (Silver lining: He’s going to a contender. Unfortunately, I am not.)

And there you have it.

Fact Mining.

Care to borrow my silver crayon?

Until tomorrow…



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