In Queue

stockvault-airport-check-in-desks174294Apologies for the tardiness of today’s post.

A 1 ½ hour sojourn to the auto shop to get a new tire knocked me right on my psychologically ill butt.


Gathering what remains of my badly chipped psyche took a bit of work (and 2 chocolate chip cookies). But, here I am! Teetering but present.

The big news of the day is this… I FINALLY finished Chapter Four of The Hushing Days!!! It is so dolled up and decked out in literary and grammatical splendor that I could plop it down on a potential editor’s desk and walk away with a smile.

Of course, this leaves 19 more chapters to do.


Awful big number…

But a number less than 20, so let’s pop the champagne, folks!

While you all enjoy a little bubbly, I’m off to start on Chapter 5. (The fact that the Prologue and Chapters 1-3 are still waiting in editing queue doesn’t bother this girl a bit. The fact that it should bother me is another matter altogether. *sighs* Somebody pass me my Prozac.)

Until tomorrow…



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