Loiter Not

stockvault-do-not-step136900I simply refuse to dwell. There will be no lingering, either. No dragging of one’s feet, no circling in place, no loitering around the failure as if that would change any bloody thing.

It is August 1, and The Hushing Days is still not complete.

It’s almost there, but it’s not there.

Another internal deadline not only missed but blown by with a peel of tires and a jaunty honk of the horn. I’ve still got 19 chapters to push across Final Edits and it is freaking August 1…

*stops, catches breath and sighs*

I’m dwelling, aren’t I?

Dang it.

Oh well. Failure is simply another step toward success, right?

Yeah, we’ll go with that and move hurriedly on.

Until Monday…


POST NOTE: There will be no blog on Sunday. Family duties call and I will be answering.


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