Three in One

women-23_001As my unwieldy wrestling with The Hushing Days continue, I’ve come to the stark realization that the Romance Writer in me is schizophrenic.

Yep. Three distinct personalities trapped in one Chloe.

Let me introduce you…

1.) “Katie”: She’s the hopeless romantic who wants every word, every visual, every supporting character’s inconsequential sigh to be consequentially sentimental. Everything is for the good of the love story. Love conquers all. End of story.

2.) “Pepper”: She’s my munitions expert. Anything that could go BOOM!, should go BOOM! A walk down a country lane is not an opportunity for a stolen kiss; it is an opportunity for a runaway wagon (18th century time period, remember) to come barreling through and leave behind nothing but angst. No love is safe with Pepper around.

3.) “Blythe”: The scholastic wunderkind of the group, she desires nothing more than literary grandness from the story. Every sentence, every thought, every location shot should be Dickens-like or Faulkner-esque or Hemingway-ish. She’s a pretentious little witch who demands intellectual perfection. Love is a tool. Nothing more.

While I am of course exaggerating things a bit, these three writing personalities are tackling each other over every sentence. It is, shall we say, chaotic.

No wonder my edits resemble a warzone.


Until tomorrow…



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