Life Lag

stockvault-a-car-on-steep-road99285My confidence is lagging.

Oh, it’s a temporary lag, I know. I would have given up this whole lark of “financial independence through writing” years and years and years ago if there weren’t some bloated veins of confidence somewhere deep within my core.

And just because I have lost sight of these bright and glittering streaks doesn’t mean they’re gone.

I know this.

I do.


There’s still a lag.


While the rest of my small world seems to be progressing quite timely through life’s checkpoints, me and my blown-tire of a mind are just limping along on life’s shoulder…

Yeah, yeah, I know. I’m mixing metaphors here. I had a really nice mining analogy going on and then “Whammo!” let’s throw in a freaking highway.

I blame the lag.

Temporary though it may be, it really does suck.

Until tomorrow…

Chloe on the Shoulder


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