Riding the Swell

stockvault-sunrise143636Swelling has occurred. Both of my confidence (see yesterday’s blog for that cringe-worthy pity fest) and of The Hushing Days itself.

Yep, swelling.

I’d go as far to call it bloating, but, no. Let’s just call it a healthy swell.

Trying to follow my mind through its circuitous twists and turns would only make one cross-eyed and dizzy, so neither of us will venture into that recounting. Bottom line as to the confidence thing is: I’m good.

As to The Hushing Days… if Chapter Five portends anything whatsoever as to the remaining chapters in the Final Edits queue, the length of my novel will crest the 100k stage easily.

Whether this is good, bad, or ugly, I refuse to contemplate. At this point, it is what it is.

I’m just going to ride the swell and see where this behemoth lands.

Until tomorrow…



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