When Simplicity Calls, Answer

stockvault-cat-in-towel134073Flannel slippers on an icy January morn.

A white cotton nightie on a sweltering August eve.

A sun-baked towel after a cool dip in the pool.

In other words… sweet Willoughby.

I’d truly forgotten how much I enjoy writing the character of Willoughby Fawkes. A minor major player (yes, there can be such a thing) in The Hushing Days, it has been a while since I slipped into the young woman’s skin.

I’ve missed her.

Yesterday, Chapter Two came into my editing sights, and in it I found the dear miss tapping her foot impatiently for her due attention. With all the attention my more “complicated” characters have required of me in Edits, I realized that I had been neglecting the “simple” girl who only wants someone to love.

Remember: there is never harm in crawling into simplicity.

Seek it out from time to time and smile.

Until tomorrow…



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