Brutalities in My Parlor

stockvault-claire132262Being both gangly and many-legged is a terrible thing for a brain.

Cooping said-mind up for a number of days, not allowing it to stretch its ungodly length in a frenzy of writing is particularly bad.

Make that gray mass twitchy, irritable and perhaps just a little bit rabid and you’re inviting a nightmare event into your sleep parlor.

It’s frankly cinematic the way my mind cracks.


Family visits are wonderful things but the scarcity of writing time they allow can get rather nasty for my sleep.

I have to wear my brain out, figuratively bring it to its Prozac-laden knees, to get it to behave reasonably well over a night.

Family visits preclude such brutal tiring out of the old noodle.

Hence, nightmares with delusions of grandeur.

Why, oh why, can’t normalcy visit my sleep parlor?

Until tomorrow…


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