stockvault-carpenter-bee-on-twig102975Balance is tricky.

You are an author. You are paid (or will be paid) to produce a commercial product available to the general masses. Your work must tap into the rise and sway of public opinion and taste. It must give the consumers what they want, when they want it, in any length or style they desire.

You are a worker bee producing honey. Little else.


You are also a writer. Whether you are paid or not, stories blossom in your head night and day. Putting these adventures down on paper or screen is only a byproduct of your grand imagination. Your opinion and your taste alone color your tales. You tell a story until the story is done. End of story.

You are the queen bee. May the publishing houses bow before you.

Yes, well…

A successful writer must play the role of a go-between worker and queen. A middle man, if you will.

So, find that point of balance and sit on it. Settle into it for the long haul. You’ve got a career to make.

Until tomorrow…


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