Fear Not the Holiday

stockvault-lockhouse-25-sunset---hdr173982A quarter of the way through the first edits of my next manuscript seems an odd time to step away for a wee bit of a vacation, but I am generally odd so…

Anyhow, I am off to the mountains for a week! A cabin deep in the woods calls and my muse and I (along with various other familial assets) shall answer.

I hope to get some good writing done up there, but really who am I kidding? Holidaying with your brilliant five-year old nephew (and his familial assets) is not conducive to literary output.


Distance is important. A writer must step completely away from a project to gain both perspective and insight. For me, this is a terribly difficult thing to do, but for most it’s a little bit of a relief.

So, bottom line, my friends is this… Don’t be afraid to holiday. Your book needs a break from you too.

Until next Sunday…


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