Writers’ Math

stockvault-abstract-numbers-grunge-background170014Wipe that sweat off your brow, dear ones. No, I’m not talking algebra, geometry, trig or calculus.  Even the concept of addition or subtraction will be out of bounds for this discussion. So everybody take a deep breath and relax.

Everyone good?


Carrying on.

When editing a manuscript, don’t let the numbers cramp your style. And when I’m talking numbers, I’m not talking word count. Once you’ve called your novel “done” and have moved it to the cutting and pasting desk of your editing room, word count issues should be basically off the table.

So, what numbers am I talking about?

Chapter numbers.

See, I told you. Grade school stuff.

My entire point is simply this: Don’t feel obligated to follow the numbers. Jump around. Skip. Frolic. Start your editing with Chapter Six. Then, be crazy and set your sights on Chapter Fifteen! Don’t worry if Chapter One doesn’t come on your radar until the Epilogue is in your editing rear view mirror.  It’s all good.

Bottom line: Do what works for you. You’re a writer. Embrace the eccentricity.

Until tomorrow…


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