The Inequities of Time

stockvault-wall-clock-for-the-kitchen130831Apologies all around.

I failed to blog yesterday.

I had it all written out in my head, punctuation perfected, paragraph breaks properly outfitted. It was magnificent. (In my head, many, many things are magnificent.)

Alas, a change of familial plans negated the entire blog-line.


So, poof! went the post as well. It was late. I was cranky. And nobody should be made to deal with that combo.

Anyhow, Friday should see a return to a more normal schedule of my daily posting times. If it’s any consolation, The Hushing Days is also suffering these days from my lack of writing focus. The poor manuscript is still quietly writhing in edits. (Listen real carefully and I bet you’ll hear its whimpers.)

But life happens, and, sorrowfully, writers like the rest of humankind have to deal.

*dramatically sighs, as only a poor, tortured and totally sarcastic writer can sigh*

Carry on with your Sunday, my friends.

Until tomorrow…



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