Defensive Writing

stockvault-sunset-on-the-freeway148596Potholes happen. On the road to writing a “Come and buy me!” story, they are an inevitability.

Jagged, unplanned gaps in the creative process are nasty things that can rarely be prevented or predicted. Trying to avoid them, attempting to plan your route around these jarring bumps is useless and time-consuming.

You will hit potholes.

Accept it.

Got it?


So, what does a writer do?

Defensive driving, baby! Learn it, become one with its tricks, make it second nature. When you hit that inevitable, violent bump react, don’t overreact.

Swerving off to the shoulder, crossing that center lane, or abandoning the trip altogether is NOT NECESSARY. Keep a firm hold on the wheel, keep your gaze straight ahead and motor on.

Got it?


Until tomorrow…


Post-note: This blog was written on a pothole-ridden stretch of my own creativity in which warning lights are currently in use and the side of the road is looking awfully dandy. So with sweaty hands upon the wheel and eyes to the horizon, I post.


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