Meet the Bad

stockvault-human-blood-circulation-circa-1911148446Well, I am flu-shotted.

So, my arm is sore and I’ve got a live virus running amuck in my system. (At this point of this really long day, I have no idea if the whole live virus-thing is scientifically true or urban legend. Furthermore, at this point of this really long day, I really don’t care.)

Needless to say my manuscript still sits untouched in the editing corner. (At this point of this really long day, I’m reasonably sure my manuscript is thanking its lucky little stars that I haven’t had the audacity to touch its precious unedited hide.)

In short, this day has been a gigantic black hole of creativity… full of crap but producing not a darn thing. (Again, not sure of the science behind this statement. Again, don’t care.)

Until tomorrow…


Post-note: Apologies for this post, but I feel a daily writing blog should be an honest reflection of the good and the bad of an authorial life. Meet the bad.

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