Sticky Spots

stockvault-honey-pot-with-dessert174385I’ve arrived at a rather sticky spot in my final editing of The Hushing Days (my newest novel).

This spot of molasses-like goo is officially entitled: “Chapter Seven, Scenes Three thru Five.”

I simply call it Trouble.

Trouble is supposed to be a dynamic interaction of two characters making the harrowing and unplanned jump from friends to lovers. You know, the classic trope of romance novels everywhere.

Plot-wise, it’s solid. Its timing is surprising to the reader but true to the characters.

I’m satisfied with at least 90% of the dialogue. Some of it is, in fact, quite sparkling.

It’s all the in-between stuff that is fly-paper-esque gunk.


I’m s-l-o-w-l-y working through it, but it’s tough-going.

Bottom line: Gummy spots test the mettle of every author. They’re not a reflection on the writer, but a reflection on the craft.

In other words, don’t give up.

Until tomorrow…



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