Hither and Yawn and Back Again

SONY DSCHither and yawn and back again. That was me yesterday. And along that long, long way I had not a smidgeon of time to blog for you. All this hither and yawn-ness was unfortunately also unplanned so I hadn’t even a chance to fire a warning shot to you.

Fear not. I will be digging out the cat o’ nine tails from the back of my closet and lashing myself enthusiastically with it immediately after I “Until tomorrow…” you down below.

Beyond surrendering to my always pesky self-harm issues (i.e. pinching, bruising, scratching, all other crazy trivialities of me), I will try to get some more work done on The Hushing Days edits.

“Try” being the operative word since more hither and yawn-ness looms. So, expect a bit of “up in the air” posting this week, folks. Apologies in advance.

Ok, time to dust off my masochistic gear.

Until tomorrow…


Post Note: While I do suffer from self-harm issues, never, EVER have they even approached more than a bothersome level that even my psychiatrist shrugs off as just silly, inconsequential Chloe-ness. So, no worries, kind hearts. I’m A-OK.


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