Backburner Love

stockvault-warm-kitchen102493The backburner is a terrible place to be.

Alas, most writing projects over 10K that are living and breathing without the driving force of a signed contract to bully them on end up there from time to time.

Life happens and backburners are lit. It’s all part of the creative process. The key is not to despair.

As my next novel The Hushing Days is once again forced to the rear heating element, I thought it appropriate to take a moment to encourage those writers facing the same consternation.

This is not the end of the world. The universe you’ve worked so tirelessly to create in your story will still be there waiting for you.

Novels are incredibly patient creatures. As long as you stir them from time to time and keep the heat under them nice and toasty, your storylines will keep tremendously well at the back of your writing stovetop.

It’s an aggravating but  a wholly viable option in emergencies.

Bottom line: Trust the simmer.

Until tomorrow…



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