Taste Life. Take Notes.

stockvault-lollipops100420Writers eat life experiences up like candy. Really, really good candy. The kind you get from sweet shops in Vienna or from your Great Aunt Wilma’s kitchen at Christmas.

Be they good or bad, silly or angsty, an ensemble event or a “me, myself and I” trio, the most experienced of authors not only devour all the emotions this grand old life sends their way, but they record them. Each nuance, each flavor, each bitter or sweet note is filed away for further study and later extrapolation.

Believe it or not, writers don’t actually feel everything they write when they write it.

Case in point: The orgasmic delight of John and Robin’s first time more than likely did not occur in John’s bed but instead in Great Aunt Wilma’s kitchen one dark December night when the diet went out the window and the truffles marched merrily in.

Bottom line: Taste life and take note, my friends.

Until tomorrow…



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