How to Play Truant… Rationally

cat-skeletonMy complete absence yesterday can be explained quite rationally.

After approximately 8 hours of dragging every known skeleton out of my closet and hanging them crudely in the foyer, I was a willing accomplice to the hiding of body parts in the back yard.

After which, the ghosts of my misdeeds were seated at the dining room table and fed platters of chicken salad and bean dip.

Then, to cap the night off, I played Starsky to my 5 year old nephew’s Hutch at his “Bag o’Bones” Halloween Party. Alas, there was no red, striped Torino involved in the festivities, but a grown woman can’t have everything, I suppose.

Bottom line: I played all freaking day and night and was gleefully truant from all adult responsibilities. I highly recommend this strategy at least once a season… no bones about it.

Until tomorrow…

Starksy (aka Chloe)


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