A little re-imagining of a process tried, true and tested.

All these concepts send shudders through the professional world when a corporate shake-up always means lay-offs for the lower-downs and lesser hours for the higher-ups.

Well, I’m about to re-imagine reorganization!

What does this have to do with writing/editing, you ask?

Simple. I’m shaking up the edits on The Hushing Days. Turning things on its head. Going a little wild and crazy with that staid, stalled process.

I’ve been laboring over Chapter Seven for weeks until I’ve come to essentially despise the poor thing. This is bad.

So, I’ve decided to let Seven rest in peace for a bit, and drag Chapter One onto the old chopping block. This, I hope, is good.





But I’ll let you know if it works, just the same.

Until tomorrow…



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