A Lone Sentence Adrift

stockvault-flight126643Holding patterns are rather torturous concoctions for writers. Despite our propensity towards patience, being relegated to circling the publishing airport is, frankly, hair-pulling agony.


Pardon the exaggeration. I know of course there are far worse trials for an author to endure. I’m just frustrated and pining a wee-little bit. I do so want to crawl back under the covers with The Hushing Days and finished what we’ve spent months and months starting.

Oh well. Enough of the mope. There is some work I can do.

When “circling airports,” I often challenge myself to come up with killer opening lines.  Oh, there doesn’t have to be any story attached. No genre is even required. I simply like to build in my head first-liners that would bowl both publisher and reader over with originality, fire or jaw-dropping beauty.

I’ve come up with some humdingers over the years. I’ve even had a short story published in a literary magazine that started out as nothing but a lone sentence adrift in the skies.

So, soldier on, my friends. Even when your creative circumstances are less than ideal, there is still work to be done…

Just keep reminding me of that, please.

Until tomorrow…



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