A Caution to Throw

stockvault-kite-flying164452*carefully wets forefinger, sticks said digit high up in the air and patiently waits for the faintest of breezes*

Little known fact: Throwing caution to the wind takes preparation… and a strong arm.

Yes, I am on the brink of something probably stupid.

I’m indeed teetering on the edge of professional folly.

Despite the well-placed placards in my imagination hamster suite (see yesterday’s post if this is a head-scratcher), I have tentatively decided to consider attempting a try at a quick short story/novella separate and apart from my current career trajectory… and if that isn’t the wimpiest commitment to tomfoolery you’ve ever heard of please review the “declaration” again.

So, in short, I’m thinking of starting a new, brief, writing project to fill the gap until The Hushing Days edits are again possible.

Never mind the fact that if I don’t have the time to edit, I really don’t have the time to create from scratch. Rational thought is overrated.

Now, excuse me. I have a caution to throw.

Until tomorrow…



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