stockvault-female-posing110185The hangover has begun… and just as always there’s been no party.

How inordinately unfair is that? I mean really. Beleaguered with a chronic panic disorder, humbled by squirmy anxiety up to my eyeballs and further weirded out by OCD-issues even my psychiatrist chooses not to touch with a ten foot pole, you’d think some kind of a break would have been earned. Not a big break. Oh, no. Just a little lessening of the mental acrobats required to survive a day would do.

Fine. Throw me in a cage with three mental illnesses. It might be messy, it certainly will be ugly but I will crawl out of there breathing.

But when I do manage to ungracefully drag myself out of there, it would be nice not to have the floor cave in on me.

Yep. I’m currently “enjoying” a little time in the basement of complete and utter exhaustion.

Limp noodle time.

Bad, bad blogging day.

Apologies for this effort.

Tomorrow should be a travel day which means no post. Enjoy the break. You’ve certainly earned it if you’ve read this far.

Until Monday…


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