young happy girl plays with a snowI’ve apparently lost my giddy somewhere.

Would you please check under your couch? Perhaps, a quick check behind your closet door as well?

There’s no mistaking it, my giddy. It’s sunbeam bright and giggles inordinately. It’s a lovely toasty yellow and bounces and jiggles like a slightly plastered loon if poked just right.


I thought I’d left it under The Hushing Days edits. But now that I’ve somehow managed a brief return (10 days) to the task, I can’t find my giddy anywhere.

There should be jubilation. At least a wee-sense of Whoopee! But I’ve found nothing but a bone-weary sigh.

The mountains of work still needed to be done on the manuscript is frankly rather gruesome. It will take ten days just to gather the gear I’ll need to tackle the thing. Honestly, it is rather discouraging.

Perhaps my giddy had the right idea running off and hiding?

If I was a lesser person (i.e. smarter, less stubborn, a teensy bit rational when it comes to these things) I’d pack my muse up and join my joy wherever its bright little butt may be.

But, as you should know by now, I’m a sucker for persevering.

So, here my muse and I will make a stand against The Hushing Days’ edits! Here we will bravely battle on without my sweet giddy!…

But if you happen to find my childish enthusiasm beaming in your pocket, would you please ask it to come home now?

Until tomorrow…



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