A Means, Not an End

CompassToo often one mistakes a compass for a destination… Stick with me on this, folks. This could be good.

Case in point #1: Wikipedia. A fine, fine tool that has aided and will continue aid writers the world over. I, myself, would be loath to do without it. But research does not end, should never, ever end at Wikipedia. It is a resource that points you in the direction your researching, curious self should go. Jot down the coordinates (info) it gives you and then pack your bags and head for the coordinates yourself. Wikipedia is not an end. It is a means.

Case in point #2: Churches. A tremendous place to find like-minded people and life-sharpening guide. Politics and cliques aside, a brick and mortar church has led to the salvation of a gazillion or more brilliant but scarred souls. But a church no matter how grand or sincere can not actually save a soul. That’s God’s job. He’s the savior, not the church council. A church points the way, sometimes it will even take you to God’s doorstep, but in the end you yourself have to walk into His arms.


Self-righteous preaching from the Wikipedia-loving sinner over.

Fit of sanctimonious pique done.

Thank you for your patience.

Until tomorrow…



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