Kitchen Sink Delusions

stockvault-bad-moon-rising101282Alright. I’ll admit to the flailing.

I’ll give you there was some railing.

I’ll even own up to chucking a kitchen sink at the bloody issue.

Forget the “Beloved Wife, Mother, etc.” crap. My gravestone will read “Well, at least she tried really, really hard.”

I try gosh-darn it! I give it my all (however inelegantly that may be, i.e. flailing, railing, kitchen sink-chucking). I may be a freaking failure at life, but I’m going out exhausted and thoroughly pooped at trying…

*four-legged, furry muse pops me a good one on the back of the head, her “Geez, that’s enough!” startlingly clear*

Ok, ok, here it is.

Yesterday, I spent the entire day starting a new travel blog.

*silence from the blog auditorium… except for that guy in the third row snickering at the stupidity*

I told you I was thinking about it. I warned you that I had been turning such nonsense around in my head. But you didn’t really think I’d go through with it, did you?

Ha! Fooled ya, right?

Dear readers, you give me too much credit. Common sense is often not within me. Remember, I chuck kitchen sinks.

Anyhow, the whole “Tiptoeing Soul” blog sprung out of yesterday’s post. Take a gander and you’ll see yesterday’s kitchen sink. (

Why, oh why, can’t I let things just be?

Until tomorrow…

Chloe, Your Fool


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