Sticky Fingers

stockvault-give-me-a-hand171497It is absurdly hard to write a daily writer’s blog when one is not writing. As my role of daughter is currently (and quite rightfully) superseding my role as author, the only time pen comes into contact with paper is for my two blogs.

One of those thorny blessings, this is.

I am pouring a ridiculous amount of time and effort into my new travel/mental health blog.

A ridiculous amount.

Honestly, I have no idea what I’m trying to achieve with the “Tiptoeing Soul,” but my OCD-tendencies have latched onto it with embarrassingly sticky fingers. Admittedly, it is the perfect outlet for scattered free time. Searching for the perfect “writing nook” takes me all over the place. But I fear it is silly. Or at least I should feel it is silly.  But my sticky fingers and I don’t really seem to care.

A ridiculous sentiment, I’m sure.

Oh well. We do what we must to survive the day sane.


Please, let it be right.

Until tomorrow…


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