By the Blindfolded Way

stockvault-tell-me-your-secrets109075Went to my 5 year old nephew’s Christmas program last night. (A frankly amazing little chap, by the way.)

Survived the Christmas program by the hair on my chinny chin chin.  (Not a hair on this chinny chin chin, by the way.)

Realized figuring out my mental peculiarities could be likened to solving a Rubik’s cube blindfolded. (No peeking humanly possible. I’ve tried EVERYTHING… by the way.)

Came across as a fool, no doubt. (A well-tailored fool, for once, by the way)

Exhausted my wee-little brain cells into oblivion and somehow woke up with whiplash. (???, by the way)

Determined I’d do the Christmas program every day for the rest of my life if it meant seeing that little boy shine again like he did last night. (No “by the way” needed here.)

Until tomorrow…

Chloe, the proud Auntie

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