Play in Traffic

stockvault-street-sign140858As I continue to spend an inordinate amount of time on my travel/mental health blog (in defense, when one cannot write stories, one must write something), a certain question has arisen several times… “Is this helping my writing career, at all?”

Good question.

While the scattered hours I spend on searching out and typing up writing nooks around the world is substantially (oh yes, way, way) less time than I’d spend on my publishable fiction, these hours are ones in which I could, I suppose, potentially, in the abstract, dabble in the final edits of The Hushing Days. However, and this is a mighty big “however”, I don’t want to mess the novel up by said sporadic dabbling.

The Hushing Days is important… potentially very important to my career. No matter how much I’d love to dabble with it, I cannot risk tweaking it without full attention being spent.

So travel blogging it is.

Besides, a writer must always situate herself in the middle of publishing traffic. Keeping your name out there in any writing medium is crucial to career-babying.



Justification over.

Until tomorrow…


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