Pennies in the Grass

stockvault-money149270Should one stoop to pick up pennies or stand tall (and broke) in search of the rare half-dollar?

Most up-and-coming writers have to face this quandary at some point. I, for instance, am nose to nose with it at the moment, and I’m feeling darn uncomfortable about the whole confrontation.

After a year of seeing hardly any new money coming in (i.e. only old royalties on genre romance from small publishing houses), after a year of spending virtually every writing moment trying to dig up that first 50-center (I.e. mainstream romancer, i.e. The Hushing Days), the abandoned pennies are looking pretty shiny right now.

If only one could live off pennies, I’d gladly spend my time scooping them up.

But life requires at least the occasional half-dollar. (Rumor has it that once you find your first, the second and third are a little easier to come by.)

Yep, feeling darn uncomfortable standing nose to nose with this old dilemma.

Darn uncomfortable.

Until tomorrow…



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