Left Heel

Shoes on Bahia Honda State Park, Florida, January 2007

With yesterday mostly scraped off my shoes (there is a bit of unmentionables stubbornly stuck to my left heel), I am ready to meet the rest of the Christmas week with appropriate glee and merriment.


On Santa’s honor.

Realizing early on that yesterday was a lost cause, I further soured the day by throwing in some website work. I despise working on my website. (Abhor, loathe, hate with a blistering passion would not be ill-used here.) Since I was already in a foul temper, I didn’t figure web design could make it any worse.

I was correct, but it was a close thing.

Remember, dear writers, take advantage of the crappy days to do your least favorite authorian things. At least then when you fall into bed thoroughly disgusted with life, you’ll know you’ve at least inched your career along.

Until tomorrow…



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