It Brews in the East

stockvault-london-bridge-manipulation118152Like a storm brewing threateningly in the east, a new story has begun to churn on my horizon.

This is worrisome on many counts.

1.) Next week, when my writing schedule should return to pre-holiday hours (pardon the “Yippee!” at this), The Hushing Days MUST be finished before anything else is begun. This is cold, hard fact.

2.) My mind does not need a new cache of characters muddying up its already chaotic waters. Sorry, but there’s no room in the madhouse.

3.) This new story would be another venture into historical fiction… i.e. this new story would be quite old by the time a “The End” was latched upon its tail.

4.) To further expound upon #3, this story is based in a time period and a land which I do not know in the least. Bad idea, all around.

So, please join me in belaying this latest story gremlin. Someone buy him a cup of coffee or something. Keep him occupied for a month or two more and I’ll get back to the sprout with fresh eyes and real time on my hands in February.

Inspiration, alas, is often ill-timed and fleeting.

Until tomorrow…


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