Dry Docked

stockvault-galway-shipwrecks111025*taps fingers thoughtfully on the table while musing with herself…*

Alright. New Year’s wisdom. They’ll be expecting it, you know? Your daily writing blog will begin Year Three this month and thoughtful words of inspiration should be on tap for all comers.

*checks tap; finds it bloody dry*

Fine. Perhaps you should complain? That’s always worked well in the past to fill the empty spots. “Poor Me” plays well on every station, right?

*thumps head on keyboard and groans*

Just not feeling the self-pity today. Of all times for that little well to run dry…

Ok, ok, no need to panic…

*laughs hysterically at the Panic Disorder maven saying that*

How about you toss out some advice? Put your sanctimonious penny-poor writer’s cap on and tout some wisdom?…

Crap. I’m back to the wisdom thing, aren’t I?

*four-legged, furry muse rouses from her nap and snorts at the daily stupidity she must face*

Before you embarrass yourself even more, why don’t you just wish the nice people “Happy New Year” and let them go? Maybe, maybe, they’ll blot this post out of their memory and come back tomorrow?

*sighs, nods and wishes ever-so heartily…*

Happy New Year!

And please, please, come back tomorrow.

Until tomorrow…


Post Note: Even if you can’t find anything to say, say it verbosely. It’s a skill always helpful for a writer to keep in their back pocket.

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