Polygonal hand displaying victory sign

Two things to note from the first day of 2016…

1.) I actually got The Hushing Days’ manuscript out of storage (i.e. an old trapper-keeper in my suitcase) and fondled it (figuratively speaking, of course) for an hour or so. My poor 18th novel, and first of mainstream blood, hadn’t seen daylight in over a month. Starved for my touch, it was. Which directly leads to…

2.) My travel blog has become my baby blanket… Um, let me explain.

When The Hushing Days expressed its neediness for its long-absent author, when the story stalled in final edits threw open its unkempt chapters at me, I panicked.

Yes, yes, I know that’s what I do. Panic junkie, hello. But I hadn’t expected such a stomach-churning, spine-numbing reaction to the dear tale. I was a wee-bit physically ill at the sight of her.

Not good.

Not good in the very least.

To soothe my freaked out soul, I scrambled back to the Tiptoeing Soul blog and hastily (i.e. in 3 hours) published an unplanned post.

I felt better after time with my blankie.

Bottom line: My ridiculousness sometimes amazes even me.

Until tomorrow…


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