Bringing Home the Bacon

stockvault-toy-poodle109666I’ve apparently petered out.

Blog-wise, that is.

After four posts to two blogs in the last two days there is very little  share-worthy left in my brain, I fear. Let’s see what we can find, however. (I am nothing if not tedious in my responsibilities, after all.)

As I touted yesterday, I have returned to The Hushing Days… in one short burst. Hauling the pachyderm-sized manuscript out while family is buzzing about is useless I’ve found. Please, allow me to fractionalize…

When given a two hour period in which to work with company milling around, the time is generally broken up into these parts :

¼ of the time = gathering the bits and pieces of The Hushing Days into arm’s length distance (i.e. Scrivener on the laptop, Word on the laptop, the laptop, first edit printouts, second edit handwritten notes, notebook of research, files –both digital and paper- on character backgrounds, pens, highlighters, staplers, staples and dog)

¼ of the time = priming the pump (i.e. reading selected outtakes from brilliantly written stories on the web that get both my imagination and my skill in the mood to knock out some equally brilliant stuff… at least that is the goal)

¼ of the time = choosing a chapter of THD in which to work, then feeling out the scenes to see which stoke my writerly interest that cold, winter’s day

¼ of the time = pecking out anywhere from 2 words to 200 to the chosen scene before flagging total exasperation as my two hour window swings shut

And there you see my problem. When novelling, I am not a short-order writer. When blogging, however, I can fry you up two eggs and a side of bacon while dolling out a reasonably readable post in an hour tops.

So, how do you like bacon, everyone?


Until tomorrow…


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