Evasive Action Required

The connected human brains - Humans as a social beings

Bullet point morning!

Feel free to take evasive action.

The edits of Chapter Fourteen of The Hushing Days are going suspiciously, even mockingly well. I keep expecting the real Fourteen (of a mischievous strain, no doubt, like his brothers) to jump out of the closet and yell “Boo!”

Not directly related to but certainly attached somehow to that first point is this: my psychiatrist has officially diagnosed me as having Obsessive Worry. While I could have said, “Yeah, well, duh,” he responded with new meds to add to my repertoire. As I haven’t added anything to my prescription oeuvre in over ten years, I’m a bit worried about the whole thing… Yeah, well, duh.

Published a new post on my travel blog late last night basically just to get it off my back. Yes, my obsessive tendencies have been working overtime in that area too. Fortunately there’s no medical diagnosis for Obsessive Blogging. Yet. I’d keep an eye on me, psychiatrists of the world.

As this has turned out a bit more wordy than I had planned, I will leave you there, with several rounds still in my chamber.

Until tomorrow…


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