A Gritty Scrapper

stockvault-girl-standing-at-beach135723Well, the Prologue to The Hushing Days has been completed.

If you’re expecting an exclamation point at the end of this statement you’re about 10 hours too late.

Let me explain.

While I will never, ever be truly satisfied with any opening gambit in any of my novels (perfectionist and psychiatrist-proven worry wart here, remember?), I was appropriately excited to get that prologuian beast off my back. Exclamation points were truly everywhere.

I felt so cocksure of myself that I even celebrated by browsing international real estate sites and drooling. I only dare do this when my writing is going so well that I can believe, for a fleeting moment or two, that someday I will make money enough to house shop.

This joy lasted approximately 3 hours  –until my brain finally caught up with my soaring heart.

Ice water was tossed.

Reality bit.

And that exclamation point was rubbed hastily out of existence.

But if you look really, really close and hold the paper just right, a stubborn shadow of my excitement can still be found.

My heart, you know, is quite a gritty scrapper.


Until tomorrow…


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