The Lonely Years

stockvault-human-shadow108956Every blog this old in the tooth (we’re on our 3rd year now of daily posts) should really have a mission statement. Some kind of brief synopsis explaining to the uninitiated why the blogger does blog so devotedly. Nothing fancy, mind you. Just something concise and straight to the point. (No rolling your eyes at that. I can do concise. I can.)

So, as Year Three begins on The Words and Madness here is my mission statement. Fair warning: it may surprise some of you.

Mental illness can be an excruciatingly lonely disease. Most suffer it in silence. The stigma attached to confessing such an illness often seems too damning to bear…

So, this blog hopes to offer company to those quiet ones. A daily, often kooky reminder that there are others flapping about in the crazy waters with you. There is an author by your side, one who finds comfort in babbling about her writing career (the only true normalcy she can find in this life).

Company is this blog’s priority. 

Comfort with the occasional surprised smile is this blog’s hope.

Until tomorrow…


Post Note: I feel completely too full of myself right now. Delusions of grandeur, anyone?

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