Drastic Measures


As my editing of The Hushing Days has reached a vexing bipolar stage (where despair morphs into glee at the drop of an ill-placed prepositional phrase) I am mixing things up a bit today. Oh, the edits will still have plenty of manic-depressive hours to whittle away at my sanity this day, I just plan to intersperse a spot of chili-making into the yo-yoing process.

Yes, chili-making.

Onions, carrots, peppers, adobo sauce, beef and three kinds of beans will all be called into duty. My Dutch Oven stands at the ready. Cumin and oregano are locked and loaded. My whole arsenal of culinary talents are being drafted into action to prove to myself and all that Chloe Stowe can do something sane, right and good!

*pauses, reads over the post, winces*

The utter silliness of my life stuns even me sometimes.

Until tomorrow…



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