Blue Balled

stockvault-blue-tennis-ball154945Raise your hand if your muse came back from the groomer yesterday looking like a Serbian tennis player.

I’m serious.

If your furry, four-legged muse now sports a remarkable resemblance to Novak Djokovic, please stick an appropriate appendage up in the air and wave it really, really hard.

*waits patiently… waits patiently…*

Ok, that was no help whatsoever. Thanks. Really. Somebody could have at least pretended. A well-meaning fib goes a long way in this world, you know?

Great. Now, I’m endorsing sin… Hmm, maybe the moral decay of society is based directly on the lack of personal writing time each day?

Ok, Novak and I are out of here before I start drafting a thesis.

Until tomorrow…



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