The Art of Comfort

stockvault-warm-kitchen102493Even though 85k words are written, even though I’m sloshing hip-deep through final edits, I still worry (incessantly, obsessively, ridiculously) if I’ve chosen the right writing style for book #18.

Yeah, dumb. I know.

Anyhow, here’s my latest method of getting through that. I call it the Pasta Method.

While the majority of my previous novels could be likened to light, fresh, chilled pasta salads chocked full of colorful cherry tomatoes, crisp greens, crunchy nuts and an airy lemon-kissed vinaigrette, The Hushing Days is not.

This does not make the book bad, it only makes it different. It addresses a different kind of hunger.

Sometimes we want a warm, comforting dish. We want beefy morsels stewed for hours on the stove. We want chunky vegetables muted by time and steady heat. We need dark, rich tomatoes steeped in red wine… This is The Hushing Days.

Or so I hope.

A silly thought, I know, but one that brings my roiling stomach a bit of comfort.

Until tomorrow…



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