Point of Reversal

stockvault-meeting-point104277There comes a point when writing any long novel where the old admonishment of “Show, not tell” must be turned on its head. “Tell, not show” becomes the new mandate.

Every author and every novel, I suppose, have their own unique point of reversal. A moment when both writer and book say, “That’s enough! Stop yammering about it and just give the good people the facts.”

At 88,800 words, I and The Hushing Days have reached ours.

Yes, I have finally reached the point where I’m allowing myself to recount a conversation instead of actually writing it. How surprisingly liberating it is!

Tell, not show.

It’s a marvelous stratagem I do wish my mind would allow me to employ before the 88.8k mark.

Until tomorrow…


Post-note: While I realize that all this 88.8k crap is most likely my OCD tendencies at play, sometimes it’s nice to pretend that a problem is universally shared instead of individually cursed… What’s the harm in one little delusion, right? *winks*

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