Never Stay Past the Bubbles

stockvault-feet-in-water184685Oh, the lessons learned in writing The Hushing Days! Thought I’d share a few over the next little bit. Pick and choose those you think are helpful. Dispose of the rest inelegantly if you like.

Up first, The Tubbing Caution…

Never drag out writing a book over an entire year. I don’t care how long the book must be, how complicated the plot must appear or how historically accurate it must at first glance seem. Ten months, I believe, is a reasonable limit. Any time longer and the bathwater has cooled, the bubbles have died and a shiver has taken up residence in your spine.

(Oh, don’t worry. I won’t curse you with these every day. Just a spot of fun I can fall back upon when the old writing well runs dry.)

Until tomorrow…



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