The Martian Carrot

carrot-yongeI’m on the scent.

Like bloodhound nose to the ground, floppy tail to the air, I am on the trail of something bloody exciting!

In the nascent days of the hunt for novel #19, I have stumbled across a juicy historical find that is ripe for literary license.

Not wanting to spend another FIFTEEN months writing a single novel (wouldn’t mind if I was getting paid, but I’m not, yet, so no), I’ve decided to stick to historical romance set around the American Revolution. Since I have the post-Colonial basics down in my head, I can concentrate all the researching efforts on the novel-specific details.

In more colorful words: instead of having to learn how to live on Mars this writing season, I can concentrate all my labors on a more focused activity, like the growing of carrots on Mars.

Ok, now that this post has denigrated into alien vegetation, I think I’ll just go.

Until tomorrow…



3 thoughts on “The Martian Carrot

    1. I tried Sci-Fi, once. Let’s just say it tossed me back and said “No way.” I think I need that crutch of historical facts to brace my stories against… besides, I’m a research nut so I’m in my glory as long as things don’t get too out of hand (i.e. 15 months). .

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