The Muscling of Dreams


Castles in the air must be muscled to the ground. They can’t be allowed just to bob along amongst the pastel-kissed clouds and brilliant rainbows.

Few of us will ever grow wings strong enough to get us to that dream’s front door. A sad fact, I know.

So instead of just letting them float away and dissolve into sweet memories, we must lasso these castles by their keeps and tug them down into reach.

I, ladies and gents, have tugged.

On Thursday, March 31, I will be flying to Italy!

For ten days, I, the perpetually grounded nutter, will take Milan and Venice by storm.

Yep. Really. Honest to goodness truth.

So, needless to say I suppose, this blog will enter a small hiatus starting on Thursday and continuing through April 10 while I tackle a selfish dream or two.

Now, please, excuse me, while I go throw up in my shoe.

Until tomorrow…



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