Reckless Endangerment of a Mind

I’m playing reckless with my sanity, I’m afraid. Going to Europe tomorrow? What the heck was I thinking?!

When I made the arrangements back in October, I was actually going to go by myself. (No laughing, please. I can be very brave sometimes.)

However, thankfully, my mother is going to be able to go with me. (Please join me in applause!) We’ll no doubt have a stellar time. We always do.


I’m freaking.

No room for excitement. I’m all jacked up on terror.


But I’m doing this. My panic disorder might shove a lot of things out of my reach, but not this.

Not. This.

So, please, wish me sanity, and I’ll wish you all a wonder-filled 11 days!

Until Monday, April 11…


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