With Precipitous Care

Healthy Eating

Whether I liken them to the sultry strands of Saffron or a pungent pinch of Cayenne Pepper, travel stories should always, without exception, be dispensed with precipitous care. One does not want to overwhelm the palate, after all (or send writing blog followers running for the nearest exit).

So, don’t worry. I will not bombard you with holiday quips from Italy (or from JFK Customs & Passport Control). Expect only the occasional exaltations of Venetian glee. So, moving on…

Haven’t heard back from my literary agent since sending in The Hushing Days manuscript nearly 3 weeks ago. I will not panic. I will not. I will not… yes, well, you get the OCD-laced picture.

Will try to get back on the writing track today. Lots of new ideas floating about, just have to decide which to lasso and drag down into fair reach.

Now, off with you! Have a splendid day, people.

Until tomorrow…



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